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What is a domain broker? | Frequently Asked Questions | Prime Loyalty2022-10-13T12:23:38-04:00

What is a domain broker? Need to learn more about what a domain broker does? Read our frequently asked questions below for more information. If you need to ask a question that wasn’t cover here, please contact us here. Hire a premium domain broker today.

How much does a domain broker charge?2022-08-03T12:22:08-04:00

Most domain brokers work solely on commission. In other words, if they don’t sell your domain name at the price that was agreed upon, you don’t pay anything.

Why do I need a domain broker?2022-08-03T12:22:02-04:00

If you have a valuable domain name that you are looking to sell, an experienced domain broker can help you maximize your profit. Most domain brokers have many contacts within the industry as well as throughout many fortune 500 companies that can easily afford your digital asset.  They also have polished their negotiating skills and understand what it takes to get a premium domain name sold. Most people hire a broker when they are selling their home or any valuable asset because of their experience in the industry, their understanding of the market, the access they have to qualified buyers, and their skilled negotiating tactics to say the least. Domains brokers are no different.

What is a domain broker?2022-08-03T12:21:56-04:00

A domain broker is someone who is hired to conduct outbound sales, market, brand, advertise, negotiate, and sell a domain name on behalf of a buyer or seller.

What is the Domain Broker Buy Service from Prime Loyalty?2022-08-03T12:21:51-04:00

You’ve chosen the ideal domain for your online business, but it’s already taken? To try and acquire the domain from the current domain owner, our Domain Broker Service can be a fantastic option.

Domain Broker Service: What is it?2022-08-03T12:21:45-04:00

Prime Loyalty’s Domain Broker Service, is a service that enables you to negotiate the purchase for a domain name that has already been registered. Your own personal domain broker will contact the current domain name owner on your behalf, negotiate a sale price that fits within your price range, and handle the domain name sale process. We maintain your anonymity throughout. Our domain experts will exert every effort to secure the desired domain for you at the best possible price.

How can I determine whether a domain name is for sale?2022-08-03T12:21:38-04:00

Domain acquisitions is what we do. We have assisted some of the most well-known international brands in acquiring extremely desirable domain names and other related digital assets. We can assist you by checking to see if the domain name you want for your company is available, offering a successful acquisition strategy, and giving you a schedule for doing so.

What services does PrimeLoyalty.com offer in total?2022-08-03T12:21:33-04:00

PrimeLoyalty.com offers domain portfolio management, domain valuations, domain sales, and domain purchase services. Find out more regarding our domain portfolio management packages here.

How can I sell my domains?2022-08-03T12:14:51-04:00

We aim to be the destination you turn to when you need to sell domains. It’s simple to list your domains on PrimeLoyalty.com, contact us today to talk about your domain sales requirements.

How can I purchase a domain?2022-08-03T12:34:04-04:00

We hope to become your go-to resource for domain assistance. Visit our store or contact us today to talk about your domain acquisition needs.

How much should I budget for a premium domain?2022-08-03T12:35:15-04:00

The total value of each domain is distinct. At PrimeLoyalty.com, we have the knowledge to offer a precise valuation of the domain asset you require to support the brand development of your business.

Why is a premium domain so expensive?2022-08-03T12:41:30-04:00

A domain name can be compared to a virtual storefront. You wouldn’t want the letters on your actual storefront to be rusted and in disrepair. A premium domain guarantees that the internet storefront will be gleaming, uncluttered, and appealing to potential buyers. Owning a premium domain is a one time cost and then around $18 a year renewals, with this you get:

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Accelerated growth
  • Enable you to be found, Remembered, and Referred to more easily
  • Brand Positioning
  • Trust
Why do I need a domain?2022-08-03T12:45:30-04:00

Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms are excellent for having direct conversations with your clients. However, you’ll need a domain to successfully brand your company and convey to buyers that you’re a true, professional organization. In addition, social media platforms have been known to remove your content at any time without reason or notice. With your own domain, you are in control of your content.

How can I market and sell my premium domain(s) with the help of the PrimeLoyalty.com team?2022-08-03T12:46:24-04:00

For our clients, our company has a track record of success in selling domains. Over the past twenty years, thousands of satisfied clients have benefited from our tried-and-true strategy and process.

How long are listing agreements valid?2022-08-03T12:47:08-04:00

Depending on the industry and the client’s requirements, each agreement is unique. The majority of expensive domain transactions take time. To successfully serve our clients, we adhere to a tried-and-true process. Every time a customer trusts us to market and sell an asset on their behalf, we aim to come up with an innovative strategy that will boost the client’s profit.

What is a listing agreement that is exclusive?2022-08-03T12:48:46-04:00

In order to sell a domain, PrimeLoyalty.com and our clients agree to an exclusive listing and marketing agreement. This arrangement enables the PrimeLoyalty.com team to advertise the asset for sale to qualified, targeted purchasers exclusively. This ensures there is no confusion and that a potential buyer is only dealing with one person throughout the entire process.

What if I’m unsure which domain to purchase?2022-08-03T12:49:33-04:00

Our team will collaborate with you to identify your objectives and the best domain purchase solutions for you. We try to choose domains that will support you in creating and controlling your online brand and identity.

What city are you in?2022-08-03T12:50:37-04:00

Our headquarters are in New York City Metropolitan Area, however our team members are strategically located all throughout the world.

How is my data safeguarded?2022-08-03T12:51:55-04:00

We will take all reasonable steps to secure your personal information since we take your privacy very seriously. For additional details, please refer to our privacy policy.

What is the best domain type for SEO?2022-08-03T12:53:47-04:00

Your domain name is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Make sure to keep SEO tips in mind while choosing a domain name:

Stick to.com top-level domains if your budget permits it; they achieve the greatest credibility of any top-level domain.

Maintain a short and memorable name. Accessibility is a ranking criterion used by search engines, therefore the friendlier your domain name is for humans to read and comprehend, the better rankings engines will rank your site.

Avoid using hyphens, digits, non-standard characters, and so on. Domains like as Shoes-TodaySale123.info are amateurish and are less likely to be ranked by search engines.

How does a domain transaction work?2022-08-03T12:55:18-04:00

Escrow.com is one of our partners and a market leader in internet escrow services. It’s quick, simple, and free to set up, and there’s no more secure way to conduct a transaction. We’ve utilized Escrow.com to settle many six and seven-figure domain deals, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Do you just spam people?2022-08-03T12:57:30-04:00

No. When selecting a domain name broker, it’s critical to understand how potential purchasers are approached. We thoroughly investigate your domain, any industries that may use your domain, and who may be a buyer in those industries. Once we’ve identified a possible buyer, we investigate who the decision-makers are at that company, specifically those with the authority to grant Permission.

We us the model A.S.E.R for all our domain services. Analysis, Strategy, Execution, and Results!