Domain Brokerage Testimonials

Some kind words from our respected clients

Neil Wilson

“I don’t think that would have happened without Jeff”

I cannot recommend Jeff highly enough.

As I find domaining very interesting I am connected to a few professionals that operate in this industry.

I had previously had some brief interactions with Jeff, who was always very happy & willing to help me with free advice. Last year I noticed a domain for sale, that I really wanted! I did set about some enquiries, but found it all rather confusing, and difficult! After a year had elapsed, the domain was still available, and I still wanted it as part of my overall business plans and growth moving forward.

So, I went to Jeff, knowing that he was a broker and this is his specialist field, I didn’t fully realize the importance of a domain broker until then!

Not only was he knowledgeable, but he set about ensuring that he reduced the asking price, and offered me important advice on various factors which all aided my decision. I felt all through the process that Jeff was not advising any information so that he could gain a commission, he had my best interests at heart, the trust was also important because here was me bringing his attention to a domain, that I had been told was an absolute steal given the cost, potential, and how good quality domains are not easy to come by!

Now bear in mind that good quality, single English dictionary words, under 10 characters, that are defined as domain category killers are becoming scarcer, and there is only one of a domain, and generally, once it’s gone from the market, it’s gone forever, so there was always the risk of an unscrupulous broker purchasing such on line real estate for themselves. To put into perspective, I purchased, the web address is up for sale for opening offers of a minimum 7 figure $$$$$$$. I now have a fully functioning online presence, and I own the, .uk and .info!

The end result, I have a GREAT domain, that is going to work for me, in fact, no, I don’t have a great domain, I have the BEST domain in the industry that I work in, and I don’t think that would have happened without Jeff, because it is also quite a risk, and a gamble, to spend this much money on a web domain, but Jeff also helped me to see the benefits, and the investment, vs the initial purchase cost. I feel all grown up now in the domain world!

I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff in an instant!

To top it off, due to down payments & structured payments schedules thereafter, Jeff allowed a later payment of his commission, how nice is that!

Cheers Jeff!

Fran - Domain Brokerage Client

Fran Callahan

“Industry Leader!”

Jeff Garbutt is a true leader in the domain name industry. Jeff is very professional, personable, persistent, trustworthy, and honest. Jeff is a great communicator and is always available for a quick question or a consultation. Jeff is proficient in his due diligence, especially in his researching and analytical skills to get domain names sold. “Thank you Jeff!” You’re an incredible broker and an awesome human being. Thank you for being what I fondly refer to as “Jerry Maguire!!!”

Bill Sweetman

“Jeff is an ethical professional, highly recommended!”

Jeff is a highly ethical and professional domain broker, and I had a very positive experience collaborating with him on a recent domain transaction for a valuable, one-word .com. I have referred people to him in the past for seller broker work, and I will continue to do so.

Rob Fazio - Domain Brokerage Client

Dr. Rob Fazio

“True Professional!”

Jeff has a rare combination of innovation, collaboration, and is results focused. Over the last 20 years he has helped me take concepts to creation in the business world and nonprofit world. He knows how to understand what a business is trying to accomplish and create the pathways to get there. We all recommend people in business, but we don’t all get to be 100% confident when we do. Their team secured domains for my consulting business so I can strengthen my brand and SEO. They also created several websites for me. I highly recommend them as a partner you can trust to understand your vision and deliver. I look forward to introducing Jeff to more of my colleagues.

Kina Merdinian

“Brokerage services with integrity beyond reproach!”

From a domain seller’s perspective, Prime Loyalty provides comprehensive and innovative brokerage services with integrity beyond reproach—always putting their client first. In addition to polished and professional seller representation and negotiation skills, they leverage technology and tools while keeping abreast of business trends—resulting in the ideal prospect strategy and execution. With their breadth of technical knowledge– SEO and SEM and other web analytics, coupled with the relationships that they have fostered in the corporate world through creative outreach, they are able to reach and deliver a compelling value proposition and ROI for domain buyers. That translates to more sales and stronger seller proceeds. The team goes above and beyond always putting their client’s needs first, even when it means sharing their piece of the pie with other brokers/sales facilitators—whatever it takes to be in service to their client and to get the deal done to their satisfaction.

Marpy Sarks

“The best brokers in the domain name space!”

Jeff Garbutt and team at are simply the best brokers in the domain name space! They give honest and very helpful counsel.

Thank you for for everything!!!

Private Client

“Jeff and his team are the best!! ”

Jeff and his team are the best!! He is very experienced and knowledgeable. Always a pleasure to speak with him. His people skills are unsurpassed!