Bartender Icons Ray and Jaclyn FoleyDomain Broker Jeff Garbutt of Prime Loyalty has been Awarded Exclusive Right to Sell a 42-Year-Old Iconic BARTENDER® Brand with over 200 domain assets in the portfolio.

Domain Brokerage Prime Loyalty, located in the New York Metro Area, has announced that the legendary BARTENDER® brand is now being offered for sale after 42 years of service.

BARTENDER® Brand Icons Ray and Jaclyn Foley

Owning the BARTENDER® brand will position whomever acquires it to be the global prominent influence and reliable source to go to for cocktails, nightlife, drinks, beer, wine, spirits, recipes and beyond.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) March 02, 2021

Prime Loyalty, an elite domain brokerage firm, has been granted exclusive rights to facilitate the timely sale of an iconic family-owned business. BARTENDER® has been owned and operated by bartending legend Ray Foley and his wife Jaclyn Foley for the last 42 years. They are looking to sell this seminal brand to new ownership where it can be leveraged and scaled worldwide.

The BARTENDER® brand is to be the most credible and referable destination for information on beer, wine, spirits, and all that is the American cocktail scene.

The sale of the business includes, but is not limited to:

Domain Assets: and
( is currently setup for eCommerce)
Domain Portfolio of Approximately 218 Domain Assets
BARTENDER® Magazine and Trademark:
BARTENDER® App and Trademark:
BARTENDER “Hall of Fame”® and Trademark:
The Bartenders Foundation 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization:

History of the BARTENDER® brand:

Featured in the exclusive Forbes article by Joseph V. Micallef, Two Icons of the American Cocktail Scene, Ray and Jaclyn Foley shared their history and some insight into the world of bartending. After serving in the United States Marine Corps and attending Seton Hall University, Ray entered the restaurant business as a bartender which led to Assistant General Manager of The Manor in West Orange, N.J. overseeing over 350 employees.

Ray has over 42 years of bartending and restaurant experience and is the founder of the magazine BARTENDER®. BARTENDER® is the only magazine in the world specifically geared towards bartenders and is one of the very few primarily designed for servers of alcohol. BARTENDER® is enjoying its 42nd year and currently has a total following of over 340,000 and continues to grow. They own and operate digital assets such as and, and a total of approximately 218 domain name assets in this vertical. In 1983, Ray left The Manor to devote his full efforts to the BARTENDER® Magazine. The circulation and exposure have grown to over 260,000 to date and has become the largest on-premise liquor magazine in the country.

Ray is also the founder of the BARTENDER “Hall of Fame”®, including domain name, which honors the best bartenders throughout the United States not only for their abilities at bartending, but for involvement and service in their communities as well. Ray is also the founder of “The Bartenders’ Foundation”. This non-profit foundation has been set up to raise scholarship money for bartenders and their families. Scholarships awarded to bartenders can be used to either further their education or can go toward the education of their children.

Mr. Foley served as a consultant to some of our nation’s foremost distillers and importers. Ray has been published in numerous articles throughout the country and has appeared on many TV and radio shows. He is also responsible for naming and creating new drinks for the liquor industry including “The Fuzzy Navel”, “The Royal Stretch”, and “The Royal Turf”.

Ray has one of the largest collections of cocktail recipe books in the world, dating back to the 1800s and is one of the foremost collectors of cocktail shakers, having 368 shakers in his collection.

He is the author of the following books:

“Bartending for Dummies™”
“Running a Bar for Dummies™”
“The Ultimate Cocktail Book”
“The Ultimate Little Shooter Book”
“The Ultimate Little Martini Book”
“The Ultimate Little Blender Book”
“Advice from Anonymous”
“The Best Irish Drinks”
“Jokes, Quotes and Bartoons”
“Beer is the Answer…”What is the Question?”
“X-Rated Drinks”
“Bartender® Magazine’s Ultimate Bartender’s Guide”
“Vodka 1000”
“Rum 1000”
“Tequila 1000”
“The Best Summer Drinks”
“God Loves Golfers Best”

Jaclyn Foley, Ray’s wife and business partner, has worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. She started off in the industry as a server and bartender. Jaclyn is currently the editor/publisher of the BARTENDER® magazine and has published books such as, The Pink Drink Book, Girls’ Night, and Skinny Cocktails. Jaclyn graduated from the Absolut Akademi in Sweden and is a Kentucky Colonel. Over the years she has judged various drink contests and has made several TV appearances.

Jeff Garbutt, Founder of Prime Loyalty stated, “The American cocktail scene is going to see tremendous growth in the coming years. People have been cooped up for so long during the current pandemic and socializing and nightlife has been at an all-time low. When the bars and restaurants open up and all restrictions are lifted, the industry is going to be more dominant than ever before. Owning the BARTENDER® brand will position whomever acquires it to be the global prominent influence and reliable source to go to for cocktails, nightlife, drinks, beer, wine, spirits, recipes and beyond. It will allow any business to be the most influential source for beer, wine, and spirits throughout the world. In addition, you will be supporting all the dedicated people in the industry with the BARTENDER “Hall of Fame”® and The Bartenders Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All of this will make BARTENDER® the most powerful brand in the industry. We are honored that our client has put their confidence in us to facilitate finding a new home for their iconic brand.”

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